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Hi everyone, 35 weeks and our very large (measuring 37 weeks and 90th centile on growth scans) baby is still breech. I’ve been doing yoga every day, following the guidance from spinning babies and am starting to lose hope that this baby will ever turn. I’m feeling super anxious that I’m going to be booked in for a C section (and I’d love to avoid this). Can anybody please give me any advice/hope on large babies turning/ECV procedures or just positive stories to make me feel better please ! 🥹
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@Olivia glad to have a plan in place after what has been a stressful few years of getting to this point! Seems like the safest option for baby at this point 🙂❤️

@Naomi I’m pleased to hear they tried with feet down, I’d definitely give it a go and hope baby does turn. I hope they manage to squeeze you in on 38+6!! If they schedule me for an elective c section I’d like to ask for it to be as late as possible to give baby a chance to turn 🤞🏼🤞🏼❤️❤️

@Emma ooooo, that’s exciting. How are you feeling about that? Xx

@Olivia baby was still very much breech with his feet down but slightly to the side. They went ahead with the ECV, I didn’t have a very nice experience and found it very painful (but I don’t want to panic you as lots of people have been fine with it!) I got very anxious and panicked which made it worse for me I think, I did get to try gas and air for the first time 😂. Unfortunately baby didn’t want to turn and they said his bum is partly engaged which explained it. They said I should get a call soon with my section date but around 39 weeks. Annoyingly my hospital only books in elective c-sections for M-Th and my 39 weeks falls on a Friday 😭😂, so may be about 39+3 for me x

@Olivia they offered an ECV at 37 weeks, but I got the impression they didn’t think it would work, then they would have induced at 39 weeks if turning was successful. Instead we booked for c section at 39 weeks (less than 2 weeks away!) xx

@Naomi hey Naomi! What was your scan like? Our little one is also feet down so currently unable to do an ECV anyway. Did they move for you? Thanks :) Xx

@Emma hey !! Did they offer to give you an ECV and what week did they book you in for a section? Baby is still very much breech over here (one foot up and one foot down)! I’ve tried everything 🤣🤣

@Olivia at 36+5 baby was still breech and measuring over 99 percentile, so we are booked in for a c section at 39 weeks xx

@rachel thank you for the update! ☺️ sorry to hear your little girl didn’t turn! But like you say, you tried, and there’s nothing to say baby might not turn on her own in the next few weeks! 🤞🏻 At my last few scans my little boy had his feet right down in my pelvis (footling) so they aren’t sure they’ll be able to do the ECV anyway, we will see if he is still in that position on Friday and take it from there! Just out of interest, did they set your c-section date then and there, or advise when it would be? They said around 39 weeks if I have to but curious to see. Thank you though, means a lot! 💖 xx

Hi @Naomi I’ve just had mine! Unfortunately my little girl is as stubborn as her mum and did not want to turn, but the drs and midwives were wonderful and made me feel very comfortable and informed. It is uncomfortable (or was for me) but nothing I couldn’t deal with, and im happy to have tried. Try not to worry - you can stop at any point and you might end up with your baby turning! Sorry I couldn’t give you better news, I also wanted to avoid a c section, but if it helps many of my friends who had c sections had great experiences and their babies were very happy (and the recovery was quick). Good luck for Friday, I have everything crossed for you xx

@rachel I’d love an update lovely, I’m anxious for the thought of mine on Friday 🥹. I hope it went well for you xx

I’m booked in for an ecv this morning - 37+3 and shes been breech for weeks!! Not sure what to expect but will let you know how it is afterwards :)

@Olivia it irks me when they talk about the baby’s size because they can be so wrong about it. I’ve known many women who end up having babies 1-2 pounds smaller than what the drs predicted after trying to force a c section or induction. Of course, do whatever YOU think is best for you baby, but maybe see what another doctor thinks and I’ve heard it’s 50/50 on if the baby will turn with ECV. Hoping you have the best birthing experience possible 🫶🏽

Btw before the ECV I did some exercises from spinning babies and also moxibustion (idk if that a correct name) but that didn’t work at all for me. I think ECV in the hospital has low risk and in case you would just get C section (that you need anyways if you don’t do ECV)

I did in US. I was 38 weeks I think. I got an epidural so I didn’t feel any pain. Took few hours because of the hospital procedures. But otherwise the actual Ecv was 1 minute. Two doctors pushed on my belly monitoring her on the screen, they succeeded at 2nd try. And then she just stayed like a good girl until I was induced at 41 weeks. No bruising or pain after

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Hello, try burning acupuncture candles on your little toes. It was something they did at the hospital as an alternative therapy when my son was breach, made my stomach spin like a washing machine!

My baby is measuring 97th centile and turned at 35+5, during the night before my scan where they were going to plan my csection! I did the exercises from this video, 2x a day for a few days in a row. I’d been doing inversions sporadically before that but didn’t do anything. Good luck x

@Harriet Rose I really hope ours does decide to turn. I’m definitely going to continue the daily exercises and I do have an appointment for the Moxibustion this week! So I hope that works too xxx

@Emma that’s exactly where we are at. Is it first baby? I really hope babe still has the room to turn, we have a growth scan again tomorrow so will see what position/size of babe. I hope they don’t run out of space xx

I’m similarly measuring big (99th centile!) and baby is breech at 36 weeks. Got a consultant appointment this week but they weren’t sure on trying to turn baby because of the size. We’ll see what she’s measuring this week…

@Kiarra they did say this but because of size they’ve said they wouldn’t really advise I attempt a breech vaginal delivery xx

@Naomi baby is moving between footling, frank and transverse!!!! It moves a lot but not head down. I’d love to hear about your ECV and how it goes. Xx

@Ekta I’ve got a Moxibustion appointment on Wednesday to collect the candles… 🤞🏼🤞🏼 it works!!!!

@Mara how was the ECV??? I’d be really interested to hear more xx

Mara, how was the ECV??? I’d be really interested to hear more xx

People’s babies can turn at like 38 weeks so you still have ages! Persevere with the exercises and definitely make sure you’re doing forward leaving inversions daily. You could also try acupuncture or reflexology.

Depending on what type of breech the baby is, vaginal birth is still possible. Unfortunately not many doctors are trained in how to handle it and push for c sections.. hoping for the best 🫶🏽

Still breech over here at 36+3. I’m booked in for an ECV on Friday when I’ll be 37 weeks but they may not be able to do it if his feet remain low (footling presentation), in this case it would be a c-section for me unless he flipped! Obviously I’d rather avoid this too. Do you know where yours feet are sitting? It’s so hard isn’t it, i’m also not really not sure I want an ECV 🥹, but not many options. I’ve seen people say babies flip up to the last minute! So don’t lose hope! But like you feel like my baby won’t, he’s a little monkey! 🙈 - either way, what will be will be, as long as they arrive safe and healthy that’s all we can ask for xx

Am 34 weeks baby is in breech, my midwife recommended acupuncture. Have my appointment booked for tomorrow. It says online it’s 80% effective🤞It’s something called Moxibustion

Did ECV and avoided c section. My girl was 87% when she was born at 41 weeks

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