Weaning Journey?

What does your day to day weaning journey look like so far? I’m a little overwhelmed with it honestly, I’ve just been doing one vegetable a day to start. I’m not sure when to introduce fruit as I’ve heard it’s best to get bitter veg as baby’s first tastes. Are you doing similar or meals?? How many times a day? When are you introducing fruit?
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Same as Kirsty, our meals but modified and appropriately cut. We do lunch/brunch as he’s in bed when we eat tea and he’s typically a late riser for the morning.

I’m doing one meal a day started with veg and the odd fruit now we are up to a ‘proper meal’ it’s mainly mashed with the odd blw and yoghurt or fruit after

I’ve also been using “how to wean your baby” but going a bit slower than the plan outlined. So it’s been pretty much one vegetable a day, we’ve missed some days and done some repeats, it’s only in the last couple of days my baby’s really got into it and wanted to try to eat stuff rather than spit it out

Mine is having 2 meals a day (one if our all day). Breakfast of porridge with veg/ fruit grates in and a nut butter or wheatabix and banana. Lunch - just what we have without salt

We're doing just veg at the moment as well, usually a new one a day but sometimes we might miss a day. He's still very much satisfied by milk so we're in no rush and taking it slow. Plan to start BLW in the new year ☺️

I was following the book (how to wean your baby) that everyone seems to have, out of laziness so I didn’t have to think but she’s taken to it so we’ll I’m now just simplifying things we are eating based on what’s suitable for her!

I've introduced fruit from the get go 🙈. We do BLW and I've just given different foods of what we have in the house. So for example toast, Cucumber and tomato. Or porridge fingers with banana, Pasta. I do one or two meals a day but it depends on how much time I have. Also some days my little girls tries all the food, some days she doesn't even touch it 🤣. I would say the only foods I've done separately are allergen food. So I would do eggs and Peanut butter on the same day.

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