Exactly when did you ovulate post miscarriage?

I know this is oddly precise, but does anyone happen to know EXACTLY how soon they ovulated post miscarriage? So I had medical management Saturday 11th November, I’m just wondering how soon I may ovulate as I want to try again immediately but I’m not sure if my body will still show positive on ovulation tests since apparently that may be thing? So I don’t really want to keep using up ovulation tests until I’m fairly certain it is around when I’m roughly ovulating, if that makes sense
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Thank you so much everyone. I appreciate your insights xx

I fell pregnant 2 weeks after my miscarriage xx

I don't think it's that easy to predict, it depends on your body and how much hormones are going around. I didn't get a period for over 6 weeks post miscarriage surgery management. My hormones were all I've the place for a good 3 months and periods were also not right for a few cycles either.

I had two rounds of medical management and then surgery, due to retained tissue. Up until my surgery, my pregnancy tests were coming back super faint and my ovulation tests weren’t reliable, as were all consistently quite dark (picking up HCG). I ovulated just over 2 weeks after my bleeding stopped following on from the surgery (using ovulation tests and BBT to confirm) and fell pregnant.

I got a positive ovulation test exactly 3 weeks and 6 days after my D&C and I ovulated 2 days later (confirmed by temping). The day of my positive ovulation test, my hcg was still 20

Hi, sorry for your loss 😔 I can tell you my recent experience D&C on 10/10 bleeding on and off for almost 2.5 weeks and ovulation 3/11 (3.5 post DC). And 4 days later HCG blood test showed 55. Exactly 2 weeks later I had my first period post ovulation. Conclusion, surprisingly you can ovulate with a positive pregnancy test while HCG is still present ! So you can test as soon as the bleeding stops ! Hope that helps as I was so lost too 🙏🏽 Good luck !

That’s a good point. I also had my blood tested for hCG levels four times staring on 9/11 they were at 220 and on 10/4 they were at 1. And then I ovulated on 10/10 :)

Just add, I’ve just read this After a miscarriage, hCG levels need to drop below 5 mIU/mL for your menstrual cycle to resume (and your pregnancy tests to return to normal). To measure your exact hCG, you will need to have a blood or urine test at your doctor’s office. So I had a blood test on Friday just gone and my hcg was 4 so maybe in the next 2 weeks I’ll ovulate 🤷🏽‍♀️ xx

For me, I started bleeding on September 6th, bled for about two weeks and passed everything naturally then ovulated on October 10th. Know everyone’s bodies are different but hope this helps! I was in the same boat of trying to understand what exactly to expect and how to move forward ❤️

Firstly sorry youre in this situation! This is the same as me, and what I’ve been trying to find out and I’m at a complete loss I can’t find any information regarding this at all and I’m finding it so frustrating! Had my second pessaries on the 8/11 and stopped bleeding on the 15th but unsure if it goes from the first or second lot! Let me know if you find the answer 🤣 xx

I’m not sure if you can predict it that precisely but worth a try if you don’t want to use up the opk sticks. Your body may be different

Okay so following on from this, I had medical management but it didn’t work first time, so I’ll be taking a second and hopefully final dose this Wednesday, will it be 2 weeks from that date I presume?

Yes. Pretty sure it was 2 weeks almost exactly.

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