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Anyone else pp (I'm 4 weeks) and just want to punch their partners in the throat? Overall mine is actually very good, he's picked up a lot of the cooking, housework etc. but he's SO critical.. whilst he regularly tells me I'm a perfect Mum and doing a great job, he also makes me feel crap.. he's very apologetic if I get upset, I just wish he'd think before he speaks.. He's back at work and I let him sleep all night every night so he's fit to be at work and help out on a weekend allowing me to rest a bit. The thing is he doesn't wake up no matter how much baby wails so there isn't really another option. What's really driving me mad though is the criticism of everything.. doesn't matter what it is there's always a "you need to..", "you're supposed to.." or literally takes whatever it is off me.. I appreciate the help, it's just the way he does it.. Yesterday we went to a bike show, we've also been to a car show and seen several of his friends despite my now only being 4weeks pp, still quite sore from third degree tears and struggling to get my iron levels back up from blood loss; yesterday I obviously did too much and today I'm bleeding a bit more again and generally feeling pained and crappy. This morning he told me to take it easy so we set up camp in the bedroom and spent the day having snuggles, naps, watching Netflix etc. When he got home from work he spent half an hour sitting in his car watching videos then came in. We were in the bedroom and the first thing he said is "have you been in bed all day?" Then asked why I hadn't woken baby up to feed him as I said I was doing his bottle before he left work.. baby was asleep and not at the max 4 hour mark, bottle was next to me cooling. I'm just so tired of the constant critique.. he's just over 4 weeks old, I do 95% of his care (naturally - no complaints there) and despite a second hospital stay & a couple of scares, he's a content healthy baby.. like leave me alone! It's hard but I wouldn't change it and I'm doing my best. *Incognito as I know people in the group*
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I don't know if it helps, but if I were 4wks pp and recovering from 3rd degree tearing and such, I would throat punch anyone who so much as looked at me wrong. Equally I have a husband who does a lot and doesn't wake in the night. He is looking after my Mum as well as the other children, plus all his other commitments in the community and I STILL plot his death. It tends to get worse the more tired or hungry I am (of which I am both all the time). Currently week 8 and I have decided he will live for now because I like him more than I hate his weird ways.

Don't know why you should be doing 95%. Maybe tell him it's time for him to do more. If he does more maybe he will stop being so critical

Sounds like you’re doing an amazing job as a mummy! Maybe try and tell him how he’s making you feel and hopefully he just isn’t aware hes doing it and can recognise it in future xx

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