Fat pubic area since becoming pregnant 🙈

Does anyone else have this? My pubic area seems to have gotten really fat/chubby! I know I've put on a bit of bodyfat, but when trying to shave tonight, I noticed my pubic area is so chubby and squishy 😂😂 Does it go away after baby? I hope so!!! LOL
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Ooooohhh girl I’m impressed with you being able to reach/shave down there! 🤣 I haven’t seen mine in months, no idea what it looks like. I wish I could shave!

Yeah mine has become super chubby and puffy…at least it will be more cushioned for the baby idk 😅😭

Mine comes and goes loool! So like one week normal and the next week wtf lool. I wouldn’t stress as it is the blood flow 🤣🤣🤣 Fun fact if you were living in Jamaica this is seen as ‘sexy’ lol to have a chubby noonie area so in a way I am embracing the being apart of the chubby noonie squad from time to time ahahahhaha

This tho! I've had this for months haha this is my 3rd baby and it does go back to normal, thankfully 😁 it's the extra blood flow apparently

I have no idea, I can’t see mine 🤣 literally did ask my partner this a couple of nights ago though cus I can feel baby’s head behind the pubic bone and was curious to know if it was causing swelling. He said no but I don’t know if he was just being polite 😆

Yep I noticed this today 🤣🤣🤣

I noticed this as well couple of weeks ago 😅 chubby 🐈

Yes to this, I’ve also got stretch marks down there?!? 🥴, I caught sight in the mirror and was like oh my, didn’t even know that was a thing 🤣. I think it’s extra fluid/hormones whilst everything is a bit swollen 😂

Ohhh yeah, I noticed this so early on 🤣 its now just sort of puffy and squishy...no idea if it goes away though

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