😩 so impatient

These are negative right? I’m only 7 dpo but feeling symptoms. I took the ovulation just for a gauge on where the faint line would be if there was one.
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The two week wait is such a hard time so totally get why your feeling impatient 🫶🏼! They look negative atm but it’s still very early in your cycle so they could definitely change to positive! I got my first positive at 11dpo from an early response test (Superdrug own brand) and it was faint 🫶🏼! I was also having lots of symptoms so kept testing and seeing the negatives made me feel like I was going insane as I was sure I was pregnant but it just took a while for the HCG to be high enough for a test to read it! Sending you all the good vibes and hopefully this is your month 🫶🏼💪🏼

I took a test at 7dpo and got a negative then a faint line on 8dpo! Sending baby dust and remember you’re not out till AF arrives xx

Try not to dwell on symptoms as it’s highly unlikely you’d get proper pregnancy symptoms anything earlier than a few days following implantation (which would be 7/8 dpo at the earliest!). Any symptoms so far would be regular PMS as they are very similar irregardless of pregnancy. I know it’s hard not to symptom spot but it’s better not to overthink as it’s easy to get your hopes up! I had all my usual symptoms when I got my BFP with nothing out of the ordinary from usual PMS 😅 Relax (I know, eye roll!) and don’t stress/overthink! Good luck! 💕

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