Ear holes?

Any ideas what these holes are? She has them on both ears and was born with them. They almost look like the holes you get after taking out an industrial piercing
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These are dimples!

My sister (now in 30s) has kinda same on both ears. Its a birth mark and its said genetic. My great grand mother had same kind sooo.. maybe she got from her😬

https://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/what-is-preauricular-pit Could be this altho normally this is mid ear I assume they can also be in other places

I think it’s cool. But if your like superficial people said that this kinda stuff means we came from the water like mermaids lol but only if your into stuff like that🤣

I think that’s an ear dimple. My daughter has one also but in a different spot

I was born with hole above my ear and so was my daughter I believe it just genetics and possibly a birth mark ,I have two ,one hole on my ear and a dark patch on my back x

My baby has one too. It’s barely noticeable but I’ve also wondered what it is

Birth marks?

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