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What can I get to pop baby in when they’re newborn and I’m downstairs - last time I had her in the bassinet pram and wheeled that round the room but now it’s going to be used more with my toddler on the buggy board and it’s winter it’s going to be wet and muddy etc. I’ve got a dog too so need some thing up higher ideally, I don’t really want to buy a Moses basket as my other little girl was quite big I don’t think she’d be in it long. Is it just the sleepyhead / nest things really I’m looking at? What have other people done? Thank you! 🙏
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I got a playpen with bassinet and change table add ons

@Claire my LB was premature so he outgrew the bassinet part of the pram and Moses basket when he was 4 months actual age 1 month corrected and he slept really well in it. He’d sleep in it during the day and night/evening before we went to bed.

We also had a chicco baby hug, we used it loads! Also have a dog and it’s really stable and you can sit it up as they get bigger. My little one slept so much better in there than anywhere else too! X

I’ve the same issue with the dog, it’s such a struggle but I use a combination of the docatot but on the table instead of the couch, the pram with the bassinet attached and a maxi cosy swing sweat (only for when I’m supervising with dog) I tried the sling but was too hard on my back. Still thinking about the Tripp trap but not sure if it’s worth the money.

I used a travel cot with all the different stages in as they grow

We got a miniuno hight chair from smyths. You can adjust height and it reclines to practically flat so suitable from birth. We used this for our little one when she was newborn to sleep in during day (ended up being the only thing she would go down in!) Now 6 months and use a both a high chair for feeding and just a normal chair for playing in x

@Sophie I think this is what we will end up doing - thank you! 🙏

@L did he sleep in this from newborn ish? Just wondering as my first never did in big spaces only pram or crib!

@Amy ooh never heard of these amazing thank you!

@Maykelli I’ve got the bugaboo travel cot/ playpen but for a newborn just seems such a big space!

@Tash yes this is what I am wondering - my first loved the pram and rocket so I would always have her asleep in there but they’re all different aren’t they!

@Lizzie ooh interesting I do have one of those!

I would say get a pack and play

We've got the Nova highchair and use the newborn insert. The half size legs option mean that my son is off the ground (and safer as we've two cats) and great for chatting to him whenever I'm pottering around. My son refuses to stay in any pram bassinet that is stationary and outgrew his moses basket quickly

Bouncer? Or I have a boppy pillow both my babies have loved and slept in on the sofa since birth!

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We bought these wheel covers and put them on for indoors: PLABBDPL Pram Buggy Push Chair Stroller Wheel Covers Front Rear Back, 4 Pieces Pram Wheel Cover Waterproof Wheel Cover, Child Wheel Protection Covers,Pram Buggies Tyre Protection Wheel Cover Dustproof https://amzn.eu/d/36TUP39

Tripp trapp with newborn seat! 💯

We got a travel cot with bassinet insert for when he was younger so I wasn’t have to bend down. Was brilliant and wish I got it sooner

We have the babydan playpen against the wall with a play at thingy in, hoping to leave baby in that if need to pop out the room. It’s been up for three months to teach the dogs they can’t go in there or have anything in there, so should be a safe space for baby

Just buy a stand for the bassinet off the pram then you can leave the wheels/buggy board etc by the door and have the bassinet as a moses basket

We've got a nuna sena Aire, keeps him away from the dog and is a travel cot which is very easy to move around and put up and down

We have a Dokatot (formally sleepyhead) that we put on the sofa or a bouncy chair. Both second hand so didn't cost the earth x

Playpen round the playmat to stop dog getting to her?

We had chicco baby hug 4 in 1and I personally loved it! 🙂

I had a Tripp trapp high chair for my toddler and got another one for baby with the newborn attachment. That way he was high up, safe from the toddler (and would be away from the dog but we don’t have one!), could be close by when we had dinner, sturdy as it’s the high chair, and meant I was using something I would have been buying sooner or later anyway!

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