Violent sweep by an OB

I really hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else, but sharing here for people to be aware! Had a midwife check at 40+2 today, she said my cervix was nice and soft but not ready for a sweep as it was still closed. Then got seen by an OB (due to another reason) who was adamant she can do the sweep. I had no idea that she was going to force her entire hand (not just the fingers) trying to reach and forcefully open it. I know it’s meant to be uncomfortable but this felt like coercion and extreme pain. I was pulling back and asking her to stop which she didn’t listen to and at no point my consent was taken that I wanted this forced opening to happen. I started bleeding a lot of bright red blood after, they examined and said it’s the show but I’m not entirely sure, still no mucus. This all happening 30 min after a midwife tells you your body is not ready for it is truly disturbing. It left me crying in shock for a day, and I will be raising a formal complaint. Sharing here so women are aware and praying it was just an incredibly bad OB and not the usual practice!
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erm thats assault hun, you need to report

So sorry this happened to you, they should definitely stop if you ask them to. If I was you I’d complain to PALS

I’m so sorry, that’s completely illegal, they aren’t allowed to do that. Should have never happened to you. This person is massive on birth rights so if you need some help/advice she might be worth messaging: It’s so wrong that was done to you 😔

I’m so sorry to hear this, I hope your feeling better and I’m glad you are planning to make a formal complaint. That is absolutely not right at all, I can’t imagine how traumatic and stressful that must have been at what is already a difficult time for a pregnant woman 😫😫

I'm so sorry that this happened to you! I had a similar experience when I went to hospital in early labour and they examined me to determine how far along I was. The Midwife inserted a spectrum, very forcefully inside of me and that hurt and then she used her fingers - again with some force. My OH had warned me that it was going to hurt as he had heard someone else be examined, whilst I was in the loo and I rated it as one of the Top 3 things that was most painful...and delivering my LO wasn't even up there. She made me bleed too and I ended up leaving a trail of blood from triage to the labour ward.

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