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Has anyone gained ALOT of weight during their pregnancy I’ve gained 2stone 3lbs and I’m still only 36 weeks. I’m so upset I’ve gained so much weight and I’m being induced in around 3 weeks so will be putting on even more weight
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I gained 4kg and lost 6kg after birth then put 4kg back on in the first month 😅

Hi, yes i gained over 2 stone. Now like 13 weeks post partum it’s all gone . so busy with a baby it just all fell off lol!

That’s not a lot of weight to gain at all. No breastfeeding doesn’t make your breasts saggy that’s a myth. I gainer two stone with my son and lost a stone straight after giving birth this time round I’ve gained a stone but have 7 weeks to go. I was heavier this time though. The weight will come off eventually xxx

@Louisa not anymore saggy than before 😂

I was 8st 7 pre pregnancy, massive gym girlie - they weighed me at my 36 week appointment and I was over 12 stone 👍🏼 that was nearly 4 weeks ago so no doubt I’ve gained more now 🫠 fell well off during this pregnancy but trying not to worry too much 😵‍💫

By my 32 week appointment my doctor said i gained 35lbs lol and to slow down on the extra food 🫠

I gained 3st in pregnancy and lost it all already I’m 9 weeks PP, but have been at pre pregnancy weight for a few weeks now! Xx

If it makes you feel better I gained 6.5 stone during pregnancy 🙈 x

Don't worry about putting on those stones. According to my doctor, while I was pregnant. Most pregnant women put on 25-30 pounds. So, a little over 2 stones, but the weight you put on will depend on each person

I gained nearly 4 stone. Don’t worry too much you will loose it after! It started dropping off me at 4 months PP .

I put on 30kg with my son. I was ALL belly! Haha. Once he was born, a week later I was only 2kg heavier than when I started. Every woman, body, and baby are different hun. Don't beat yourself up. Weight can be lost. You only get this one chance to ensure your baby is growing properly and is healthy, to give them the best start in this world. You're beautiful, mumma. Your body is doing an amazing thing!

3 stone with each baby…. 🤦‍♀️

I gained a good 3 and a half stone. By the time baby was a couple of weeks old (as this was when I first looked at a scale..) I was only a stone over my pre pregnancy weight. Don't stress and try enjoy the rest of your pregnancy which I know is easier said than done. I hated being pregnant in the last 10 weeks because I was so uncomfortable but I honestly miss it so much now which I thought I would never say!

I gained a lot more than that.. close to 70lbs!!! I lost 25lbs in the first week after birth, then another 20 in the first month. I’m sitting at 20lbs heavier than pre pregnancy weight at 6 months PP, but I swear my boobs weight at least 10lbs and Im holding onto a little extra fat because of breastfeeding lol

I was pretty thin before getting pregnant, and I gained 60 lbs. dr wasn’t worried at all. As long as you’re eating nutrient dense food, and no just junk/chemicals/sugars … I personally(as a mom and human, not a dr) think it’s fine 💞 of course talk to your dr but try not to stress on it momma!

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I weighed 8st5 pre pregnancy (height 5ft2) I weighed 12st9 at the end. I was bloody huge and the water retention was something else, my fingers and legs were sausages!! Id say the first couple of stone came off pretty quick, the rest was gone before a year!! You will 'bounce back' but in a realistic time frame, not as you'd see in social media. Don't stress about your weight, don't even step on the scales ❤️

I gained 14kg. I didn’t breastfed and I’ve lost 10kg x

I gained 4 stone when I was pregnant and I was 15 and a half stone when I gave birth. It took the best part of a year to get back to my normal weight but the first 2 and a half stone came off within months. Dont stress I did and it was for nothing. Your body bounces back it’s amazing ❤️ x

Sorry I'm in Canada so don't know what stones are, but when I tried to do the math it was around 30lbs which is normal weight gain! Remember you might not gain much more

I wasn’t underweight before pregnancy I’m only 5ft and weighed 8stone 9. It says on the NHS website women usually gain between 22lb to 28lb ☹️

I was 8st 3, got to 10 and half stone. Back down to not far off my pre baby weight without going gym etc so try not to worry (I delivered @ 38 plus 4 c)

If my conversations are right, you're still within the appropriate weight gain amount, so try not to worry. If you were underweight to begin with, sometimes you might gain more. With my daughter I actually didn't gain any weight the last month of my pregnancy, I think she just stole all the extra calories from me because she was still growing 🤷🏻‍♀️

That makes me feel so much better I plan to breastfeed!! Did breast feeding make your boobs saggy?

Don’t worry, the weight will fall off. Just focus on you and baby. Be kind to yourself momma!

I put on 15-20kilos each pregnancy! Fell right off with breastfeeding

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