Can’t feed my own baby

Currently crying as my 7 week old just won’t feed anymore and I’m worried something is wrong. She was taking around 3-4oz every 3hrs but the last few days will barely have an oz or 2 with pushing the bottle away with her tongue/hand and making a a big fuss and crying. She has Kendamil and Mam bottles, no known issue so far with allergies etc. was weighed today at 8lb 13oz. What am I doing wrong? 😢
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Have you tried Infacol or Gripe Water?

You are not alone ❤ I EBF and my 9 week old do the same, maybe is just colic , sometimes they fussy, she will settle don't worry ,try maybe to wind her more than usually, with my little madam work.

My baby girl is going the same. Such a battle to feed her and she’s 7 weeks today too. Pushes the bottle away, is unsettled on the boob, it’s so frustrating 😭 cries because she’s hungry but won’t feed and when she does feed a bit she stops then screams!

You’re doing nothing wrong!! Please try not to blame yourself (I know it’s easier said than done) - but you’re absolutely not the problem. It could be colic maybe? Or I find if my son is particularly windy he starts pushing the bottle away and is very wriggly so I have to spend some time getting it out of him before he’ll have some more. Could you call your health visitor or GP perhaps for some advice? But one thing I know for sure, it’s not you! You’re doing a great job x

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