Christmas and in Laws

So my MIL has been married 3 times and my husband still gets on well with all his step dads and there a close family which I’ve always liked and feel apart of. At Christmas, we do Christmas Day with my family, Boxing Day with his mum, siblings and step dad no 2, 27th with his step mum, dad and other siblings. The problem started last year, step dad number 1, has twin daughters so went away for Christmas and we had their dad so he was not on his own, this was not a problem and we had a lovely time. This year I was looking forward to it going back to normal, only to be told, you’ll be having are dad again, because we’re going away. I mean what happens if we wanted to go away nor have I asked my family will be okay with it? They just swam off doing what they want and expect us to take in their dad? I don’t want this to become a yearly thing. I think it’s peeing me off more this year as our little one is 2, they have only met her 2/3 times and only bought her a present when she was born. They forgot her birthday and only said happy birthday when their mum reminded them. They don’t have to hoots about family. I don’t don’t see why she are expected to take their dad pr Christmas and if we don’t he will be on his own eating for a box meal. How would you deal with this situation?
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I'd tell them they should have considered this when booking their holiday and you already have plans which aren't changeable at this date. If they don't want him alone then they should be booking and taking him with them! x

Honestly? I would just have Christmas on our own as a new family. Involve no one, don’t stress over anyone or anything x

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