Postpartum hair loss

Does anyone have any tips or advice on postpartum hair loss? 😭😭 i’m 15 weeks PP and my hairs coming out in clumps when i brush /wash it. it’s everywhere all over the house etc 😢 I know it’s normal & will pass but if anyone’s got any advice please let me know as it’s starting to get me down x
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I took biotin with my first from day 1 PP and didn’t notice any hair loss, now 14 weeks PP with my second and it’s come with a vengeance 😢 started on my biotin gummy vitamins so fingers crossed it gets better! Kicking myself for not starting earlier.

Omggg following, my hair is coming out in clumps too! 4 months PP. coming out in the shower n all in my brush😭😭

Biotin and magnesium supplements, scalp massage and oil half hour before a wash x

I'm 21 weeks pp and it's got slightly better. I've been taking biotin vitamins however I think my hormones are settling slightly, I'm still hot and a bit snappy but it's improved. Persevere, it will get better it's just horrendous for a period of time x

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