wanting more in my relationship

i knew how my boyfriend was before i got pregnant so it’s kinda on me for allowing this but. I want more from our relationship and i don’t know how to bring it up. We’ve been together for 5 years and i’ve never been taken on a date granted the first three were long distance, but his excuse is always he doesn’t have any money. but when he gets money he only wants weed and vapes. also, his work ethic is pudding me off we’ve been living with his mom since august as a way to save money and he has yet to get a job, and seems content in having others get stuff for us. also, his attitude towards his mom all she asks is that we keep our room clean and he takes out the trash and recycling yet that’s a problem for him and he’ll throw little temper tantrums which he’s done before i was pregnant. i don’t know i think i’m finding more things i don’t like about him now that we have our son and it’s really making me question if i want to do this with him at all.
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he sounds terrible! if i was you i would get out asap!

you need to ask yourself what does he bring to the table? nothing! do more for yourself and your child

It honestly Sounds like to me weed comes first! The more money he has the more Money he will spend on weed. Why can he not put a little aside each month so you two can have a nice day out? To be honest it sounds like to me he is just Lazy!!! Sometimes you need to have nice date nights out together to keep the relationship alive…. If he hasn’t got money at the moment fair enough but he could always be saving little by little each month and show you he’s actually trying

Wow. The still livin wit his mom and irresponsibly spendin his money would be enough to make me leave. Girl u should get out. He sounds like a man child who’s refusin to grow up.

I wouldn't have gotten pregnant by someone like this but if I was in your shoes, I'd respectfully move on. He does nothing for you financially, physically, emotionally, romantically. What are you really losing by leaving?

i think i’m staying more to see if he’ll change and also i don’t want my kid to be like me and grow up without a father

Girl I get not wantin ur child to have to grow up wit out their father but sometimes its for the best bcuz its betta to be wit out their dad than to have a father that doesn’t help u out or do for ur child. If he’s gonna disrespect his mom, then think bout it…what does that say bout his character??

He showed you his true colors more than once. How much more proof do you want?

That's totally fair, but honestly a child is so much better off having no father than a shit one. Think about the kind of role model he's going to be, can you honestly say you'd be happy for your child to grow up to be like him? Sounds like he won't change, do yourself a favour and put you and baby first, run like hell and don't look back!

No courting , dates , outtings , romance is a deal breaker for me

Im assuming hes young hes gonna have to grow up but thats good that your acknowledging it and holding him accountable

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