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So I want to track my ovulation in preparation for trying for baby no.2 as it took so long to fall with baby no.1 so just curious. When do you track? Like what days and how long after your period ect. I feel like I might not ovulate on the time frame they say. Any recommendations thanks xx
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Have you got the flo app? I use that to track everything. Once you've logged a couple of periods it will predict your ovulation window based on your cycle. I personally just did ovulation tests from a week after each period until I got a high one. It really does depend on how long your cycles are though. I bought a cheap pack of 100 tests on Amazon so didn't mind doing them every day for a couple of weeks each cycle x

I used to start testing as soon as my period ended, everyone ovulates at a different time in their cycles and it doesn't always correlate with your cycle length. I always have a 28 day cycle but don't normally ovulate until around days 18-20 but on a normal 28 day cycle, you should ovulate on day 14. As the comment above says, the flo app is really good for tracking such things but obviously it's not totally accurate so I would definitely use it but do tests alongside it 😊 best of luck x

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