I find it really funny how when husband wants to be jerked off I’ll do it without hesitation but when I want to have sex it’s like it’s too late or we will see or whatever other excuse. It hurts like really bad. I’ve lately had fantasies of a celeb as well and feel really guilty and can’t get rid of them no matter how hard I try. I don’t know whether I’m getting these fantasies because I’m not getting pleasured or don’t feel sexually desired by my husband. I don’t want to talk to him and tell him I’m getting these fantasies but it just hurts that when I want something sexually from him he can’t give it straight away like I can. He likes me to dress sexy as well which I do for him.. I don’t know I guess I just needed to rant this out and have confirmation that I’m not crazy but I feel like I need help.. 🥺 I feel so insecure now.
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@Georgina ughh… it’s literally so hard ain’t it to convey your feelings to them without them getting hurt about it too. He felt as if I was blaming him but he was literally like it was the wrong timing bla bla but when is the right time you know?.. I’m sick of it. I don’t feel appreciated and it hurts 😢

Oh babe I feel you :/ my man is definitely turned on by me but he’ll expect and hang job and literally leave me there. Like I don’t even know what to actually say sometimes. He then acts bored if I try and get myself off or funny about my toys but what am I meant to do ?! He lasts about 1 minute at the moment and it’s done. I’m really not satisfied at all but I don’t actually know how to say it without hurting him? Again he’s a great step dad and emotionally loving it’s just not easy :S I don’t get it. Feels so rude to me.

Yeah I mean we had a talk but it didn’t go as well as I thought it would. I needed to get it off my chest with him but it ended up turning into a little argument. I get it he wanted to do other things and said after sex he will get lazy/feel lazy to do other things like he needed to make his dinner etc.. but he would have still done it.. I don’t know..he’s a really good husband and dad don’t get me wrong but when it comes to sex/pleasure for me he acts different. Like he can’t be arsed.

You are absolutely not crazy! Your husband seems incredibly selfish, you deserve to have your needs met just the same as him. Honestly I'd stop doing anything 'for' him until he can learn to give what he gets. Relationships are give and take, but he's just taking. That's not fair or sustainable.

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