How long is too long to wait at triage?

I've had a midwife appointment earlier today and said my blood pressure was high. Came to triage as per her advice and got BP taken 3 times, gave me medication and checked again 3 more times (still high). They found protein in my urine and blood test results are apparently ready but the doctor won't come talk to me...? I've been here since 4pm... If I just go home would they call me if they find something abnormal? I'm exhausted and technically still have to go to work tomorrow morning...
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It happened to me too as I took a whole 6hours of me waiting ,blood pressure check,doctor review and blood tests .But it was still high so was advised to be admitted but due to being unprepared I pleaded with them to go home and come back the next day which I did and was admitted in the maternity ward and was discharged on the 3rd day as my BP was stabilised. I have to check in to hospital every week for monitoring but gladly no pre-eclampsia.

@Alice Fingers crossed! Work has been so inflexible with me taking time off, I wouldn't be surprised if they asked me to come work tomorrow anyway 😂

This might be the early start of your mat leave… good luck! Hopefully you don’t have preeclampsia but, if you do, and you’re close to term, you could be welcoming your baby very soon 😃

Update: have to stay overnight! 🥲

@Alice will have to do that... It's my last week and I was training my replacement lol

I was already on mat leave so didn’t have to worry about work the next day but my partner did. I would try contacting your boss or HR now to let them know you’re still in and will need a later start / work from home / the day off tomorrow depending on when you get home. Obviously don’t know your work situation but hopefully they will be understanding.

That was the same as me, they said everything was okay but that I needed to be “signed off” by a doctor before I got discharged. By the time I spoke with the doctor, I was crying and telling her I was hungry and tired and wanted to go home!xx

Gosh... I asked and they said it could be a while, no time frame but the baby is absolutely fine. I'm just so exhausted I could cry...

I once went in at 5:30pm and didn’t get to see the dr until 1am due to emergency’s and didn’t get discharged until almost 2am! Sometimes things happen out of their control and you unfortunately just have to wait it out. It’s not fun and I feel your pain x

I had to go for the same thing a couple of weeks ago. I also got seen around 4pm and wasn’t discharged until almost 11pm. Unfortunately, the consultant will see people based on criticality so it’s kind of a good thing if you’re not that urgent. I would politely ask if they can give you a timeframe. I was sent home and asked to go back again in a couple of days for further monitoring.

They'd probably make you medically discharge yourself, I imagine they'll want you to stay overnight. The Dr will just be very busy so might take a while to come see you. This has happened to me.

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