Anyone else in the same boat?

I’m 31 and been trying to conceive baby number 1 for 14 months. So far unexplained as to why we haven’t conceived so far
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I’m 32 been ttc for 3 and half years finally got a hospital appointment tomorrow to hopefully get answers

Yes. I’m 33 and have been trying since last August. We’re getting ready for our first IUI soon

I am 30 trying from 2022 march but no result yet went to Doctor and found out I have very low AMH and started treatment with Doctor and this is my Third cycle of clomid and letrozole

I’m 35 and have been trying for just over 2 years. Had our first round of IVF recently but was unsuccessful

Yep been trying since 30 now 34, also unexplained. Done 6 ovulation induction cycles, 2 egg retrievals and 4 ivf transfers still sat here in the same boat 🥴

Thanks for everyone’s replies, it’s so tough isn’t it. We’re considering kicking off private IVF in the new year

Please ladies this is coming from a place of love, trying for years won’t help. Seek a fertility specialist as they can run hormonal blood tests and other tests to see if your tubes are blocked. Sex is not always the answer as men can account for fertility issues as well. It breaks my heart when people say we been trying for years without medical help!

I had been tracking ovulation and having intercourse on peak days for a year before I had 3 IUI. My third one I got pregnant and the following pregnancy happened naturally 3 months post partem

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