How long will everyone be having off?

I had planned to have a year off & enjoy time with our first baby. Although due to my partners selfish financial actions it looks like I’ll be having to take 9 months off. I hate my job and dreading the thought of coming back after only 9 months. Just wondering what other people are doing and how they plan to manage financially?
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4months and back

@Natalie I think I’ll have to be doing the same which is unfortunate but it is what it is I suppose

@Nicola I’m so sorry to hear about your partner loosing his job! And everything you’ve got coming up. I really hope he’s able to find a new job asap

I was going to take a year, but the reality of the last few months without any pay has hit home, looking at my maternity pay schedule. So I'll do 9 months and dip into my savings to top up SMP for the last 3 months, and will also make use of KIT days and use up accrued holiday leave gradually

6 or 9 months depending on our financial situation maybe sooner, my partner recently lost his job and is currently looking but no luck yet. Its so stressful. Especially with me being off, Christmas round the corner, my sons 5th birthday in Jan and the MOT due in Jan too.

@Jenisha oh she is AWFULLLLLL! She did my risk assessment without me 🤣😂 I mean I could go on. I’m going to ask her but I know she’s been funny with others in the past she has her favourites and it’s very obvious

No offence but your manager sounds like an arsehole. It’s your right to take your holiday that you’ve accrued. Can’t see why you can’t swap out maternity leave days with full paid holidays. So if you’re manager isn’t supportive of this, when are they expecting you to take you’re accrued leave?

@Alana enjoy your mat leave hun! Think I need to try work out my holidays etc

I started mat leave today. I’m 36 weeks and 3 days. I’m off for the next 52 weeks. But it will probably be longer because I’m owed annual leave/ bank holidays.

@Tabitha Cook yeah that’s amazing! Family support is so important x

@Gixi ahh that’s good that you’re able to be flexible! I think that’s great

@Yvonne that’s my plan with KIT days but just really wanted a whole year off and I feel gutted x

@Bernadette ahh I’m so sorry lovely that’s so horrible! I hope you’re able to enjoy your two months!!

I'm lucky my partner mum is up now so she be doing child care x

@Lauren I’m glad you’re able to take the full year. It honestly makes me happy when I hear other people are fortunate enough to do so. Yeah I think the climate doesn’t help but also my partner has mad e selfish decision which has caused this

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@Jenisha I was planning to do this but my manager is quite funny so I’m worried she won’t let me take 3/4 weeks at a time! And HR have said it’s up to my manager so I’m just starting to worry and panic!

@Cassie this is literally me 🙃

@Tabitha Cook 🥺🥺 I hope you manage okay!

In December, I would have been off for a year. I am planning to go back when baby is around six months. I am fortunate to be self employed within Tech doing Advisory Services so I can be fairly flexible with my employment schedule.

I’m planning on taking the full 12 months, will be really tough especially the last 3 months but the last 5-6 weeks I plan on using the 10 KIT days to top up a wee bit and potentially some annual leave x

I’m having 2 months unfortunately being self employed it’s absolutely shit! I will go back part time and gradually build back up but I’m gutted 😞

I am planning on taking the full year. I realise how fortunate I am to be able to do that. My husband is in the military and we get very discounted housing costs so our outgoings are far less than for most people. I think in this economic climate, many mums will be in a situation where they need to go back to work before they would have ideally liked, I know that won't make it easier but I think it's probably the case with the massive increase in rents/ mortgage interest rates, food and utility costs.

Were you planning to take a full year of maternity leave? I ask this because depending on how much holiday you accrue including bank holidays, you cut your maternity leave to a certain date and replace with paid holiday and bank holidays, so at least you’re getting full pay from your holidays

Taking 9months off and have had to save to top up SMP 😵‍💫

I'm having go back after 6 months

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