Silly steriliser question

Once I've cleaned and sterilised bottles and my pump, it's always covered in condensation. If I dry it manually, it's no longer sterile? Can I leave the condensation and just not dry it (I thought water was bad for new babies) Sorry its probably stupid but this is my first and he came early, before my baby courses 🥲
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Apparently the water left behind is sterile anyway so not going to do any harm. Already googled this myself after going round in circles

I’ve wondered the same thing! I wave the bottles around like a crazy person to try to get as much out as I can and then use them

Luckily my mom is a health visitor and I asked her the same question early on. She said the water is sterile so just shake put the excess and you're good.

@Heidi I’ve been home a week on Wednesday & not a day has gone by where I haven’t had to google something 🤣 think we’re all just winging it x

Thanks both, it's my first day at home with him and there's so much I don't know 😅

I just shake out as much water as I can then use it. It’s only a minimal amount so it’s fine because it’s sterile anyway x

I’ve never dried them - it’s such a tiny amount of water I can’t imagine it would do any harm

I steam sterilise btw!

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