‘Morning sickness’

Just been discharged from hospital after having 4 litres of fluid and antibiotics for a UTI all because I was severely dehydrated from sickness. I’m 12 weeks Has anybody else suffered really badly. Please please advice! I will try anything! It’s really getting me down 😔 I’m also having to have time off work.
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Have you talked to your doctor about medication? I was very sick during my pregnancy and ended up in the hospital needing fluids a few times. Zofran was amazing for me

Coconut water. Lemon water. Aloe vera . Healthy foods . Fruit. Probiotics. 💕

I had something very similar and I was off for three weeks. Drip and I had anti sickness injections and UTI. Apples have really helped me surprisingly. If you have any hunger pangs eat something. I was being sick up to 12 times a day, but I am on medication now. I am almost 12 weeks and I have been poorly for 5 weeks. I’m definitely not right and my energy levels are low. Eat whatever you can. I have been living on bread, cereal and watermelon, hope it improves asap.

Maybe speak to doctor as it could be Hyperemesis Gravidarum which will require medication. Although I hope it's not as it is awful. Hope things get better soon.

I'm surprised they didn't put you on any medication at the hospital. I went in for fluids with my last pregnancy, and they also gave me anti sickness meds at that point, as well as a repeat prescription. If you're still there, ask! If not, GP appointment and ask there. With HG, the tips and tricks are good but you really just need medication.

There’s a hyperemesis page on Reddit which is full of amazing people who have so many great ideas and are full of support - https://www.reddit.com/r/HyperemesisGravidarum/

I suffer HG in my pregnancies and usually admitted and in the epu every week till 20 weeks I had to give up my job as a dance teacher with my daughter 8 years ago. Try to stay positive you may get to 20 weeks and find it's a lot more manageable. I take xonvea this time with my 3rd I'm 13 weeks. Try to drink what ever you can don't worry if it's coke or coffee just need to take some fluids in because that helps medication work as well. I had to have strawberry sorbet and ice pops a lot on my last pregnancies. I took ondansatron and phrochloperzine in previous ones but still always went down hill. This time on xonvea I haven't need to have any admissions or fluids. It doenst feel real. Still Feel sick and sometimes sick but it's been a miracle xx

Yep! I have HG and was in hospital the other week due to severe dehydration, and now have to have 2 lots of medication every 6 hours to keep it at bay. Have you not been diagnosed with HG?

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