Toilet after c section

I had an emergency c section yesterday, my baby girl was born at 17:01. How long did take you to go to the toilet after. I did a wee around 2pm today but I feel constipated. How long does it normally take. I'm currently on antibiotics, pain Medications.. oramorph & iron tablets. I feel like I need the toilet but can't do it. Scared of really trying due to the staples. Thankyou
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Yeh it took me about a week to go, on laxities aswell! However I was constipated before I had my c section, so was double wammy xx

I went 4 days after my c-section and spent 5 hours sitting in the toilet it was horrible, i had to take different laxatives for the next few days. I'm almost 3 weeks pp and i find myself still struggling sometimes

I had the same problem. I had miralax and milk of magnesium in the hospital but didn't actually go until I got home. It was almost 4 days which is really abnormal for me. But eventually it all came out!

I didn’t go #2 until like maybe 4 days later! I just kept taking the stool softener they gave me at the hospital (powder that went in drinks) and when I did go, it came out nice and soft and wasn’t painful at all!

I was given stool softener when I got discharged but was about day 4 when I finally went. Try to have some fruits like grapes and citrus, lots of water and fibre. I am 3 weeks postnatal now and still not fully back to normal but not needing the stool softener as much

Oh chick you need some lactulose if you’re on all that.

@Haley oh no! I didn’t know they were still doing staples x

I think for me it took about a week till i was able to poop again😧I was on stool softener the whole time

I think it took me about 3/4 days before I went but I also didn't have the need to go until then. I took laxatives & they worked a treat

I had an emergency section too. I had my bandage removed later that night. I was given laxative/ stool softener once my catheter came out. Took me 3 days before I could go but felt so much better! Drink a lot more water than you would normally do. If you can’t get laxative have some orange juice that helped me. They continued to give me paracetamol/ibuprofen, laxative, oramorph for the whole 5 days I was in

With both my c sections I was given stool softeners and laxatives as standard. I'm not sure why your hospital doesn't give laxatives. I'd ask right away there's no need to delay, it'll only make you more uncomfortable. There's nothing worse than adding gas and constipation to the discomfort!

After the c-section just chew a Gum And You will definitely feel ok with the bowl movement trust Me 🥰🥰❤️

It took me about 2 days x

I took 4days. I needed an instant laxative to help me

9 days because I was so sure it would be “today” every day 😆 Gave in and did a simple enema suppository and I went immediately. And I’m a freakin nurse lol

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I've had 4 c sections. With my first 2 they wouldn't let me home until I had been to the toilet. With the others, they didn't seem to care as much. If you're uncomfortable you could ask for some stool softener or if you're going home soon might be better to try at home with more privacy. If you're suffering wind pains, try some mint tea x

It took me 4 days with laxatives x

I was terrified to go to the bathroom after birth!! I went 20ish hours after birth. One of my nurses gave me a laxative a couple hours after birth and for the following week and a bit after leaving the hospital I took stool softeners and would recommend that to anyone!! Made all the difference. Still super scary to go, but made it much easier.

Stool softeners help a ton!

It took me at least a week but I was pretty constipated before I was in labour! Drink sooo much water and take stool softeners. I found senicot (slow acting natural laxative) to be great

@Hayley I had to have staples due to losing blood and it being an emergency xx

@Laura thankyou. I'm currently still in hospital so il see how I go tonight and then ask midwife tmoro x

Did they tell you, you had staples? Also, take a pillow with you or a blanket and use it to push down on your tummy if you need to push. But if you’re concerned about it just tell the midwife they can give you laxatives to help make it soft. It took me 3 days with my first and the moment I got home with my second 😂

5 days with my first (I had emergancy bowel surgery though). Day 3 and day 2 for all of mine x I'd definitely ask for some lactulose. X

If you're still in hospital ask the nurses for some laxatives. It was about 30ish hours for me. When I got home I had lemon fybogel and that worked, only needed them for a few days ☺️

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