C section

Anyone had a c section in the past, how long did it take for you to use the toilet? Thankyou
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Thankyou everyone. I managed to go after 2 days 🤣🤣

Congratulations! Awh she's gorgeous! It took me 5 days as I was scared that my incision would rip open 🤗 xxx

Peppermint tea!! With my first baby it was Day 4 for me. It was uncomfortable but i didnt push and was just patient. Honestly felt like a new woman after that! Gas pains lessened ALOT and i coulr finally stand up straight after being hunched right over. I had an emergency section at full dilation after a long 2 days labour plus a bad hemorage. So my body was pretty fooked that first 1-2 weeks 😖. Having an elective this time probs next week sometime and hoping it might all be a bit smoother 🤞💖

Thankyou ☺️ I'm currently taking quite a few medication.. oramorph including x

Congratulations! Look at her 🥰 I think mine was 4 days, peppermint tea, windezes lots of windezes, peppermint oil and lactose! Xx

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