My baby is 7 weeks today and i really struggle to get him to nap after his 6 o’clock nap, he’ll wake usually between 6:30-7 ish and we’ll have some playtime cuddles and feed etc but tonight he’s had a few 10 minute catnaps then wakes up as soon as he unlatches from the breast. He’s made himself so overtired and he was getting upset, just wanting to nurse for comfort but also fighting sleep! He’s had a bath and we’ve done baby massage that we’ve learnt at our class, he’s had a feed and dozed off which is fine as i try and keep his bedtime between 10/11pm but how can i avoid this overtiredness?!
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I b m b John II

@Nicola i did try for a few nights putting him to bed at 8:30 as he was falling asleep for a nap and not waking after an hour as he normally would so i left him to sleep and he then woke at 1am and was very hard to re settle back to sleep it took an hour and a half each night

Time to get him to bed earlier, try aim for 11-12 hrs of ‘night time’ so bedtime should only be that late if he’s getting up at 10am in the morning.

I would say adjust his wake window to an hour or an hour and thirty minutes max and don't let him sleep more than an hour on his last nap and maybe start his bedtime routine 15 minutes before his wake window finishes. (Which may mean that you might have to change his bedtime to a bit earlier than 10pm as you dont want him being too overtired).

At 7 weeks I’d try and put him down for a nap after an hour. My little girl is over 5 months and 2 hour wake windows are recommended for her age. Even if he isn’t showing signs of being really tired!

Generally he’s awake between 1-2 hours, however this morning he had 2 naps starting from 10am and woke for around 30 mins between them. it’s when he fights the sleep and tries to stay awake more than 2 hours then we all struggle because he’s just too tired for anything, the bath and massage tonight worked though he has been asleep for 20 mins now!

Hi, How long are his current wake windows?

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