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Correct me if I’m wrong but am I right in thinking you can have your baby in the front seat but with air bags turned off? My little girl all of a sudden hates her car seats and would literally cry all the journey she gets herself that worked up that her dummy doesn’t even soothe her now 🥲 and when I’m driving on the motorway I can’t just pull over and soothe her and this upsets me as I don’t want her to think I’ve abandoned her x
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We had to do this for a couple of weeks but he’s settled now. Gave him a gummy glove to play with in the back and now he chews it and puts himself to sleep! Worth a try?

I had to move my little boy into the front with me after months of meltdowns with him not taking to being in the car I literally dreaded going out anywhere that took me longer then 15 mins to get to as he would literally be screaming haha. Honestly been life changing with him being in the front with me I’m able to comfort him even by just holding his hand for a few seconds. Long as air bags are turned off you’re all good!xx

Thank you everyone!!🩷🩷🩷x

Perfectly fine to have baby in the front with air bags off x

I have my daughter in the front with me if I’m driving on my own- with airbags off it’s fine and so much less stressful!

My daughter went in the front and found it much easier

@Rosie yeah I adjusted the straps so they sit on her shoulder(if this makes sense) so she seems comfortable enough I think it’s because she’s more alert now and she just feels abandoned as when she was newborn she just used to sleep and not have a care in the world hahaha x

I’m the same as Rosie! My boy needed the insert out xx

@Emily aw thank you lovely! I thought so x

My LG wasn't liking her car seat so I checked the straps and the insert and she'd grown out of it. So adjusted it, she's much happier now.

I’m pretty sure you can if the airbag is turned off, I would check online just incase xx

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