Please help

The darker line test has color in person. I didnt get to fully look at it this morning so it set because i got super busy. The top two tests are random this afternoon when i saw this test. Do you see anything in the top two? Ill comment another photo that has one that is dried (very bottom) from a few days ago.
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@Cora thank you❤️ I’m just nervous

It could have implanted late! Baby dust to you

@Cora I tested today and it was negative. I’m 10 dpo today. I’m a little sad but I want to try again tomorrow

@Suwilanji same to you❤️ have you tested yet?

@Cora oh. I’m praying for you hun 🤰🏽

@Suwilanji im not sure how many dpo. My period has been irregular and i didnt track ovulation this cycle🥲

@Cora okay hun. Try again tomorrow. How many DPO are you? I’m also hoping mine will be positive 😞

@Suwilanji im not sure if that one is accurate though because im not sure how it looked within the time limit:( im just confused. I thought evaps had to be colorless and weren’t typically the sane thickness on the control line. 🥲

Sorry Cora I can't see anything from the afternoon tests, but that might be because the hcg is too diluted. Unfortunately as the line test wasnt read within the timeframe it can't be confirmed positive. Try again tomorrow with fmu and hopefully the line will appear within the timeframe. Xx

@Cora I definitely see a line on the last one

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