Hello Everyone, please what can you all recommend I use for my baby boy eczema 🥺 I don’t want anything with steroids. I have tried shea butter but its not working. I now you dripobase, its not getting better or worse, its just stagnant 👀
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@Soliat hello I'm so sorry I'm just responding. I didn't know how to get back to the post. I just found out how. So, I'm not sure if the doctor told you that you can apply the diprobase more than twice daily until the skin heals. It's an emollient, so it can be applied many times a day. That's how you heal the skin. Also, I'm not sure if it's been resolved but if not, the doctor can prescribe a soap substitute that you can use for now in place of child's farm.

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@Bampe Good Morning, i bath him with childs farm and i use dripobase for him in the morning and night. During the day when his hands get dry i use hydromol.

Hello. Steroids are only recommended if it's inflamed and angry. Let's start with the basics, how often are you applying the diprobase? What do you use to wash?

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