Runny nose

My daughter has seriously has had a runny nose for like a month now. No cough. Just runny nose. Is this going on with anyone else?
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My daughter was having the same problem and we started her on allergy meds she’s been good unless she actually gets sick

I was also going to suggest like the above allergy meds. Have you taken to ped?

Oh yes. I’m quick to go to her pediatrician for any little or big thing lbs she’s already seen an allergist also and she negative for everything. Every time we’ve gone he says it’s probably some sort of virus. She’s also been swabbed multiple times for RSV, covid & flu. All negative.

My son experiences this in the fall and winter! His pediatrician suggested to give him over the counter allergy medicine. It works wonders! Just one dose a day has made a difference! Sometimes he doesn’t need it everyday and can go a few days without it. I hope it gets better soon!

My daughter has had this for almost 3 weeks. I think toddlers ar ejust unfortunately germ goblins. We have been to med express and pediatrician, they basically just said looks like a cold

@Sarah Kane yes that’s what they keep telling me. Any fevers?

Mine is the reverse - a cough that won't go away, but no runny nose or any other symptoms.

No fevers, it's honestly bizarre

Agree may be allergies! Poor kiddo

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