Morning Sickness

Hey guys, I’m having trouble with the morning sickness except it’s alllll day! Would anyone mind recommending what sickness bands they used that may have helped or any other suggestions please?
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Thanks everyone, I’ll give some of these recommendations a go! Really appreciate the support and suggestions xx

I ate gluten free graham crackers first thing in the morning and that helped me not get as nauseous.

I’m afraid similar to some people here I had severe sickness and literally no food or drink made the nausea go away - I was in bed for 9 weeks straight. It did lift around 17-19 weeks, I found tiredness was a massive contributor to being sick, also low blood sugar levels, so ended up eating a lot of high sugar foods. It took a long time to realise that due to the sugar tax, aspartame is the sweetener of choice nowadays and therefore no amount of coke/ribena/ginger ale was helping my sickness as what was needed was a blood sugar lift. So lucazade helped as it had glucose in it, and organic cordials like elderflower or orange juice all had natural sugars in it. A friend also told me the sickness is related to the placenta establishing (as well as blood sugars) so it’s figuring out which one you’re dealing with and what can be managed and what requires just rest and recoup. Hoping it doesn’t progress for you as I had HG and was at the end of myself, but it did lift around 20 weeks

I got prescribed ondansetron (Zofran) and it helped my morning sickness SOOOOOO much! I also switched to a non iron prenatal as the iron made my stomach hurt even worse

@Tashiani same as me. I tried every thing possible and nothing worked. The GP prescribed me some pills but even that I threw up 🤦🏾‍♀️. I felt like I was in hell on a rollercoaster

Nothing helped me and I’m so sorry to tell you that lol!! I got put on anti sickness from 8 weeks and stopped them when it calmed down a bit at 14 ish weeks. Lots of water helped sickness feel easier but nothing really stopped it from happening. Sorry you feel like this, it is literal hell.

I was nauseous my entire pregnancy, nothing helped me out and my Chunka Chocolate Peanut made everything I ate taste like dirt!

Make sure you keep hydrated otherwise it will feel worse. I had hg, it wasn’t fun.

Honestly doxylamine from the doctor helped me

-Fresh strawberries (and fresh fruit) really helped me -Nauzene -Ginger ale I haven’t tried this because it was expensive but a lot of ppl swear by Cal Mag Vanilla liquid. It’s a calcium magnesium blend. Oh and switching my pre natals really helped too! The ritual brand prenatal saved my life.

My first trimester was exactly like that. 2.5 months pretty much non stop sickness (not just morning :( ). Few things that helped - ginger and lemon tea, I just cut some fresh lemon and ginger and added hot water and literally drank it all day.. That made the sickness bearable. Also minty Chewing gum (i only had a no plastic Xylitol one from tesco, the other brands made me even more sick because of aspartame in them i had a very bad reaction to it immediately). Wristbands I wouldn't say helped me a great lot only a little. I also noticed certain water brands making me more sick than others. I had Evian most of the time as other brands weren't as good for me, maybe except one Welsh water brand but I couldn't find it anywhere else but 1 shop on the border somewhere plus smartwater was good but too expensive 😅 Diet - I removed all artificial sweeteners, Monosodium glutamate, Deli meat, seafood and fish (made me vomit every time without fail), Minimized eating cheese (also made me sick A LOT).

Ginger biscuits helped with my morning sickness x

I second finger biscuits. I’d have a couple of them first thing in the morning and it did actually help x

Ginger biscuits xx

Have you tried the no to morning sickness tea ? Also check the prenatal vitamins your using , sometimes switching what your taking helps . Also for that tea there are a lot of good reviews from other moms who went through morning sickness , and they’ve all said it helped . If you end up trying it get the ginger one . Ginger and peppermint are known to help with morning sickness

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