Pregnant fast but is it going to last

I got pregnant on our first date and embarrassingly enough it was a drunk thing but it’s been 8 months and our relationship is far from perfect. First of all we met ,a week later we have sex then the next week he moved back to the Midwest and I found out I was pregnant. We decided to keep the baby and so do long distance for a couple months. Then boom he came back in august (half way through the pregnancy) he got scared he wasn’t enough and left for a month and now he’s back and the sex was good but now it’s nonexistent and I’m not sure he wants me anymore. He says it’s just he respects my body more now but I feel so unloved . Plus all my exes keep writing me temping me what do I do?
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If you want to make it work with this person, keep being open and honest and take it steady. You've got to remember this is the stage where couples are normally getting to know each other, getting to know their compatibility and you guys are trying to do that with a major life change and crazy hormones in the way! It's not going to be picture perfect right away but that's okay, be kind to yourself and don't put too much pressure on anything. Your main priority is you and baby, if you and BD both want it to work out between you and you both communicate and put the effort in, I'm sure everything will work out fine 😌 (if he doesn't give you what you want and need though, don't stress yourself over a guy you've known a few months, BD or not!)

To be honest me and my husband got together the first night as well and I got pregnant the second day It wasn't an accident for us but it worked out well for us we didn't have to deal with long distance but some men are scared to hurt you or the baby at a certain point in your pregnancy and I definitely got super horny throughout my pregnancy my husband couldn't keep up I wouldn't cheat though his help might be appreciated after the birth

@Katrina I was getting tackled pregnant 😭😂 I guess some men are different tho my best friends bf didn’t wanna do it w her since she was pregnant w a baby girl once she got bigger

I wouldn't make any big decisions right now. I almost broke up with my then boyfriend, now husband during my first pregnancy. It was mostly just hormones. Also some men don't want to have sex when their partner is pregnant, it freaks them out.

Are you 8 months pregnant? I’m a little confused. Could be your hormones playing up? He might also just be worried over silly things while you’re pregnant too?

This is hard and I am confident you’ll choose what’s best for you. Communicating with your partner, if you both decided to keep the baby it doesn’t matter if it was the first night or not. Whatever it is that you do, first explain your feelings to him and be loyal. I know it’s tempting when you’re feeling lonely but do not ruin your relationship over a booty call. Think twice before making your decision! Sending you love ❤️‍🩹

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