Coughing and then threw up

My baby coughed so hard tonight she threw up. She doesn’t have a fever. A blocked nose for weeks and a hard cough. What do I do? 😭
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Coughing and vomiting are common symptoms for babies when they have a viral infection. My lo did this for about 10 days when she had viral but it died down on its own as viral infection you don’t need to give antibiotics and gp suggested only to put nasal drops and put some baby vapour rub on her.

Why’s everyone’s GPs giving antibiotics for viral infections? 😩😩

My bubba had the same thing. He had a viral infection. They gave him some antibiotics. He was going off milk a little bit still having his food. So they said make sure he drinks enough water as well x

Mines been doing this for the past week in the really early morning feed! I’ve had sheets after sheets to wash! It was the only feed he’d do it as well so can you imagine being half asleep and having to get up to take off the bedsheet and his tog! It was frustrating!! Past 2 days he hasn’t done it and I hope it stays like that! I’ve got a big bowl now next to us ready to catch anything!! His cough has been much better tho and same with his cold. He had it for nearly 2 weeks. No fever x

It’s a good sign your baby has no fever too

It honestly is awful seeing them unwell !

No she was coughing during the day too, it was consistent & was just getting worse. I know a lot of children lately have been getting unwell, especially with the weather change now. Yeah I would definitely call up, get your baby checked out. Better safe than sorry. No problem! She’s great now, no cough, no cold symptoms, playful, happy & eating again. Hope you baby gets better soon xx

I hope she feels better, bless her. It’s scary huh x

@Ameerah how is your LO now xx

@Ameerah thanks. So her cough is only at night. She was given a blue pump because she coughs at night. But it’s getting bad, enough to throw up. He nose has been running for so long! I will ring tomorrow x thanks so much x

She was unwell for about 2 weeks, first started with her cough & was wheezing with it & then she got cold like symptoms. She couldn’t keep food down because she kept coughing it up & sometimes in the night wake up coughing & was sick even milk if she coughed. Was awful, the antibiotic was a 5 day course but couple days she was already improving a lot & seemed more like her happy, playful self x

@Ameerah how long did they have it xx

Thank you I will!!! Xx

Make a GP appointment, my daughter was the same not long ago, kept coughing which made her throw up & she became snotty & chesty but no fever. Took her to the GP & the doctor told me she had a viral infection, gave some antibiotics, after taking them next couple of days her cough improved a lot.

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