Over thinking???

I'm asking myself this question way to much lately but I dont know if he really wants me or just like the the fact he's got me in his life do he's not lonely
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I like to compare my partner to a dog. Feed them, pet them and make sure they get some exercise and they’re happy.

Danielle is right 😆 men are simple creatures. Get dressed down to your birthday suit and its like they dont have a brain at all. And if they see anything that slightly resembles a pair of milkshakes they get so distracted. They cant find ketchup in the fridge door but they can spot a woman not wearing a bra in public. I have learned to accept this is just the way men are. They are sexual by nature. But they can have great personalities and be hard workers to provide for their family. They can also be very caring and sweet in the right time. Just dont forget to show them gratitude and give them compliments. They dont communicate that they need those things but they really do. They need to feel important

@Danielle so trueeeee! You speak the truth 😂😂😂

I always used to wonder if my partner was only with me because I was pregnant with his baby but then I remembered that men are simple creatures and we give them too much credit because they definitely don’t think about stuff like that as much as we do and they aren’t smart enough to get away with it. If he didn’t want to be with you, he wouldn’t be.

Hiiiii if you want to talk about it I'm here 🤗

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