Does my baby have a milk allergy?

Bit of backstory my little boy is three weeks old, will be four weeks on Thursday. The first week and half he was breastfed but I struggled with it mentally so I have put him on formula. Cow & gate was making him throw up alot so i I put him on kendmail and it’s helped massively with him throwing up but I’ve noticed that since he only has a poo every few days and he has to strain to get it out but it’s still loose, is this normal? Not only that but I have been told that sneezing, grunting when feeding & red eyes are all signs of a milk allergy which he does/has. I’m asking as I know that cow & gate is a lactose based forumla and kendamil is whole milk based but i thought the kendamil was doing him the world of good as he stopped throwing up as much but now the problem seems to be the bottom end 🤦🏼‍♀️
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You need a formula from the GP for cmpa as it's not the lactose that's the issue it's the casein protein in the milk that causes son has cmpa feel free to message me if you want more info

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