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Just booked my first hair appointment since having my baby at the start of august and I feel SICK with nerves 😂 I’ve let my mum have her while I pop to the shops etc but that’s literally it She’s staying with her dad for the first time without me - he said he’d get his parents to come round because he’s working and then he’ll be home but I said no and moved the appointment because I would much rather him be here when I leave - not because I don’t trust his parents I fully do but I’m just not ready for them to have her yet and would rather him be here and I could have asked my mum to come instead but that would be mean on his parents to say no to them but get my mum here Why is this so hard 😂 I’ve asked the salon to just colour me and I’ll go home with wet hair because I’m so scared to not have her with me
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@Jade my parents and in laws are the same, they offer and I know they want her but I’m not ready and thankfully they don’t try to pressure me! Her dad just said ‘why can’t they have her before I get back from work, your mum has had her’ 🙈

I’m so terrified I’m glad I’m not the only one! Her dad is great but he’s never been on his own with her for long but I’d feel better with him with her whether the in laws are there or not because she knows he’s her dad if that makes sense? And he needs to do it at some point doesn’t he! Nowhere near ready for in laws to babysit at all, I know that seems mean as I’ve let my mum have her on her own but I’m just not ready yet I feel bad but I can’t do it Adding to my worries is my baby refuses the bottle so I’m just going to feed her before I leave and get back ASAP! Obviously I will leave some expressed milk for her but I’m so scared of ger worrying I’m gone and being hungry too xx

@Rachel thank you! X

@Jade I’m sure yes just 1 Oz of breast milk per hour maximum 😊

@Jess I wouldn't leave my daughter with family at this point either, they do offer but thankfully never pressure us 😊

I’m still too nervous to leave! Mostly because once I’ve done it once I think both sides of our families will want to have their own time with her and the thought of that makes me feel sick 😭 they’re all lovely people but no one does things exactly how I’d like them done and I don’t want to be rude 🫣

I found this so hard too! I left my daughter for the first time last month for a few hours for a hair appointment, even more worried because I EBF too and had no idea how much milk to leave! I also struggle to express so had to do it over a period of time 😂 but she was absolutely fine with her dad ❤️ you'll feel more confident once you've done it! X

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