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Hi all! I want to try a floor bed as my LO just hates the cot, I want a double so we can still get in and co sleep when we need to. Has anyone got any advice on what mattress would be best or has anyone got any recommendations on a floor bed frame, I’m anxious about him rolling out so not sure if one with sides would be better but struggling to find any. Thanks!!
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My eldest hated the cot so get a toddler bed with sides that was really low to the floor and she refused to sleep in it, worse than when she was in the cot, we eventually just bought her a single bed and got a side to go on it so she can’t roll out and she sleeps in it a lot better than she ever did in the cot or toddler bed, my little sister was the same she also wouldn’t sleep in a toddler bed, not sure if it’s because how low to the ground they are I’m not sure, obviously every child is different but maybe think about a full size bed and get a side to go on it

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