Night Time Struggles

Is rolling over in bed in your 3rd trimester considered an extreme sport 😂😮‍💨
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For me it's hip ache- 'rolling' over- cramp/needing to pee/both- getting back into bed and then repeat 😂 xx

Definitely 😂xx

Getting up from bed should also be considered an extreme sport 🤣

Omg yes! Also My bathroom is currently being refitted after I badly flooded it… meaning I have to go downstairs to pee in the night. Probably the only steps I get in at the moment but it feels like an achievement x

feel like sausage roll just chilling 😂 then get comfy and then we need to pee or the heartburn from the fires of hell start to burn in my throat just a day in the life 😂😭😭

I feel like I should get an award for making it through the night. Even the pillows get in the way now..

@Bex ahaha same ! It wakes her up and she’s like “ ohhhh more snuggles right ?! “ which I love but also I’m half asleep 🤣

Feels like it should be ! Ahaha. Gosh I’m huge and it’s like doing some kind of bootcamp training some days 🤣 xx

😂 100% yes - wake up to roll over, PGP hurts when turning, rolling wakes baby up who starts kicking for 5 minutes… it’s like a chain reaction

I agree too. Aha even after 8 hours of sleep I feel I have run a marathon 😅💪


I consider it an extreme sport 🤣🤣

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