Pumpkin puree

Hello, Can I feed my 5months old baby pumpkin puree?
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I roasted the tiny ones from his pumpkin photo shoot and blended it. It’s his favorite veggie so far

Pumpkin is a great choice to start with because it's not a common allergy and it's great for digestion. You should either used pie pumpkins or sugar pumpkins. I used organic canned pumpkin like for baking and just mixed water so it was thinner. As long as the canned stuff is 100% pumpkin it's perfectly fine.

@Jen oh wow, my boy just turned 5months today, I will try giving him and see if he will like it.

I'm about to try pumpkin with my 5 month old. We got the okay to start pureed veggies and fruits at 4 months so we've been trying a variety of veggies to start with.

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