Fillings while pregnant

I’m 24 weeks and need to have a few fillings done, but I’m concerned about the local anaesthetic they’ll give me… has anyone else had dental work done when they’ve given local anesthetic at all? I’m sooo anxious about it 😩🥺
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@Jade haha! Yess my baby boy was giving me some good kicks 😂 dentist also let me go on my phone and have AirPods in for music so it was a win lol x

@Shay yess! I had mine done today! Turns out it’s a new thing where they don’t use the silver fillings in pregnant or breastfeeding women so mine were all done in white! I was so glad lol, but Thankyou for the reply! X

@Emily yeah you’re so right!

@Magdalena that was so reassuring! Thankyou x

I had a filling literally last week. I’m 24 weeks Absolutely no problems she moved the whole time keeping me distracted 😂

I had a filling at 12 weeks and was completely fine, although I will say, in the uk they only do silver fillings on nhs, which they won’t do in pregnancy, so I was told I would have a temporary filling and then I’d have to come back once I finish breastfeeding! Although, when I got there he said he could put in a white permanent filling on the nhs as the cavity wasn’t as bad as he had thought x

Your dentist has been doing this for years and has all the training to keep you and baby safe

Nooo. Don’t be anxious, I’ve had a local anaesthetic done twice during pregnancy and both of them at the beginning of my second trimester, you’ll be ok just make sure you let the dentist know you’re pregnant beforehand, its important to have dental things done when necessary during pregnancy. ☺️

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