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I really need to pack my hosp bag, I’m 38+2 and still haven’t done it! I get overwhelmed when I look at the list! What would you say is essential and what can be left? How many days should I pack for?
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Also having a back up bag to leave in the car with spare pads etc in case we need more

I’m in the process of packing mine too! I’ve packed a few bits for dad too as our hospital can be really warm so don’t want him to get too uncomfortable if we are there for a while

A fan was essential in my first labour too!!

Mum: Hospital bag Towel Socks x 3 Normal pants x 3 Breast pads x 5 sets Disposable pants x 5 Large pads x6 Nursing bra x2 Hair brush and hair ties Nighty x2 Dressing gown / jacket Toiletries: ⁃ body wash ⁃ toothbrush ⁃ toothpaste ⁃ lip balm ⁃ lotion ⁃ face wash ⁃ face wipes Wash bottle (for toileting post birth) Phone charger Carrier bags for dirty clothes/rubbish Slides/flip flops Coming home outfit Large water bottle Snacks Baby: Clothes: - Going home outfit x 2 - vest (long and short) x3 - baby grow x3 Socks, hat and mittens (couple of each) Car seat and blanket Wet wipes, nappies, sudocream, cotton balls. Changing Mat Muslins x 2 Sleeping bag Bottle + dummie x2 Comforter Progression cards Nursing feeding pillow Formula (if you’re choosing to use)

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