making friends 😊

haven’t had that much luck this year but I won’t give up, maybe 2024 might just be the year 😂 a bit about me, I’m a very intentional friend with a lot of love for my friends, deep girl, the therapist, go-to and FUN friend. i love a good time, i love the finer things but i’m a pretty simple girl, with a healthy dose of extra. i’m more aware of what I want in friendship, i actually want less of the therapying 😂 (that doesn’t mean i won’t be there for my friends, i just don’t want energy vampires) i want friends i have more in common with, personality wise and in the fun stuff. i’m a brunch/lunch kind of girl, i do love a fancy dinner occasionally, i love a good night out too, I also love taking walks and just doing the mundane, chilling at home over good food, a good drink, watching shows/movies and just gisting and talking about anything and everything. (i’m a self proclaimed mixologist, my cocktails are bomb if i do say so myself and a great cook, as a naija babe duhh 😉) i’m quite adventurous too, I love to try new things but mostly within my comfort zone, but a friend that steers the wheel and can convince me enough could get me to try anything (as long as I want to) basically bring me into your world and i’ll bring you into mine. No jealousy, no envy, no competition, life isn’t a race, your life is as is, as well as mine. CANNOT EMPHASISE THIS ENOUGH! no secret enemies abeg. I’m all about reciprocal meaningful connections! Okay this is very specific now 😂 when you’ve been traumatised by friendship, but still very open to friendship, it be like that.
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I feel like copying and pasting this myself 😂 every damn word 🏃‍♀️💨🤣 New to the area - feel free to reach out x

I know that feeling all too well feel free to message me xx

Hey lovely, I’m also lonely my partner works away a lot until December he will be leaving the army I know how you are feeling. I’m from Birmingham feel free to message me xx

lol 😂 let’s meet by force 😂😂🎉🎉 we can’t be this similar

I have no friends whatsoever 😂 so heyyy✌🏼 live in Birmingham to feel free to message me xx

Awww hey girl, I'm lonely too struggled to make freinds and feel I've not got any social life since becoming a mom 🫣 I'm also from Birmingham area too xx

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