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Hi I was just wondering if anyone knows how to increase my milk supply when I first had him I was constantly leaking my boobs we’re constantly getting huge the milk was coming in fast but now it’s been a month and my boobs have shrunk down again I feel like I’m not making enough milk for my baby so I’ve been mainly bottle feeding i don’t see the point in pumping anymore because I feel like it’s no use I just really wanna be able to breastfeed i miss how much milk I used to be able to give him
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I had a major panic thinking I wasn’t producing enough when I was around the same point you are. My breasts felt small and “floppy” and LO would still often seem hungry after the feed. I remember I cried an entire day because I was at a loss. I’ve never produced a lot when pumping, at least not compared to some people. I made an appointment with my lactaction consultant and she watched him feed and verified his weight gain was on track. She told me my supply was great and that he was doing great. My point is, it’s really hard to actually tell if your supply is low 💜 and it’s really easy for us to get paranoid and think it is. There’s so much pressure when you’re breastfeeding. You’re baby’s main source of nutrition and that can be really scary! I think if there’s a lactaction consultant you can see you should make an appointment. It really put my mind at ease.

I think I wrote your exact same post when my LO was around 1.5 to 2 months. Honestly keep going. Trust your body. Keep latching your baby and pumping. Your supply is most likely regulated and you are now feeding on demand. Your body will produce the necessary amount of milk needed for LO. I actually thought the same as you so I added formula for 2 of my LO feeds because I wasn’t pumping enough oz a day and he started cluster feeding and wanting more. On top of that his latch wasn’t good at the time so I relied on pumping. Now I barely give him formula and barely pump because I produce enough on nursing If you want to try a boost remember stay hydrated. Also coconut water/milk, oatmeal, body armor lyte, mothers milk tea, a lactation cookie/brownie from target or Amazon and make sure you eat and you’ll get past this hurdle

I feel exactly the same! When I pump I only get a quarter of the amount I use to get 3weeks ago! But milk supply does self regulate and your body will continue to make the right amount for Bub! So don’t stress over it too much

It’s hard not to lose motivation but keep pumping every 3 hours. And do a power pump once a day as well. Middle of the night between midnight and 6am is a must as that’s when the hormones are highest x

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