My little one has been very unsettled the last few nights and I’m not sure what it could be. I think it may be wind bothering her but I am not sure! How often should I be burping? Do I do it at the end of a feed or half way through and then at the end again. Baby is EBF sometimes pump but rarely.
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@Lani thankyou! I’ll give that try x

@Chloe thankyou! It definitely is x

@Hannah Thankyou, I’ll give it a try! My little one doesn’t have a dummy either x

@Kamila I have been doing the same. She fusses so I think she wants the boob but comes off it pretty quick as why I now think it’s something else! We’re all learning still ☺️. My little one is the same she farts and poos straight after. But have noticed the last couple of days she’s been unsettled quite a bit. Thankyou for your advice & hope you get on okay tonifht x

They say burp then halfway through. My pediatrician recommended i keep my baby upright for 30 minutes after a feed to ensure proper digestion. I've been doing it for 20

I feed mine half then burp then feed the rest then burp. I struggle with getting my girls wind up too sometimes. It’s all trial and error x

I’ve found it has, yesterday he was still a little unsettled but once I winded him he was fine but complete change compared to what it had been like. I also haven’t gave him a dummy so it’s probably prolonged it a bit as he has nothing to soothe him x

My little one became to have unsettled nights ONCE I started using infacol. Tonight I won’t use it, we’ll see. My baby does not always show me feeding cues, she’s bottled fed. Few times I mistaken colic/trapped wind with the fact she was just hungry and needed that one oz of milk to fall asleep 👀 She’s 4 weeks so I am still learning. But I’ve noticed it became especially worse since shes on infacol. I’ve read it can actually make things worse. Give it a try though. My baby rarely burps, if it won’t happen in the next 2 min I give up especially at night. I don’t want to make her active. She farts while feeding and regularly poops after feeds so it comes out one way or another.

@Hannah thankyou so much. Has this made a difference?x

My baby has been suffering with wind this past week after a feed. I’ve been giving him infacol before I feed, wind him so far through and then feed him again and wind him after. He is also EBF x

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