Cows milk

How old does a baby have to be to have cows milk?! Not necessarily to drink, but with cereals/cooked in meals etc?! My little boy is 8 months old! I currently still use formula for his cereals etc
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6 months; it’s fine as an ingredient, you don’t want them drinking it and filling up as they would if they had a bottle and therefore not taking their bottles, but fine to have on cereal etc

We’ve been using cows milk in cereal like ready brek x

My health visitor told me she can have cow's milk in things like cereal or potato or whatever but not as a drink :)

Greek yoghurt is fine for them to have, my health visitor actually encouraged me to feed it to my son to boost his calories as hes small for 8 months 😊

Mine has been having Greek yogurt for breakfast from 8 months. Online said ok. But I’m still unsure so might only do few days a week although he adores it!

Wonderful! Thankyou ladies! I’ll probably continue with formula for most things but it’s handy to know that I can use it in his hot meals if being cooked x

Cooked in 6 months, though i was told by doctor using formula in meals is better. For cereal id wait 12 months like you do fir drinking

6 months if cooked in with food. 12 months + for a drink

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