I have a 7 month month old just got a positive pregnancy test, anyone on here have 2 under 2? I’m so worried and stressed how will I cope?
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Hey! I’m currently 9 weeks pregnant and my little girl turned 12 months last Friday. 2 under 2 here as well! I didn’t smile for WEEKS through fear!

I have 2 under 1. Ngl it is stressful and mentally draining but when you watch their bond and love grow for each other and watch your eldest teaching your youngest and your youngest looking up to your eldest (literally) it is so rewarding to see. I’ve realised that getting my eldest to help as much as possible with baby is really useful, and she enjoys it too

Hey hun my little girl will be 12 months on the 6th of December and my little boy is due on march 1st so will have 2 under 2, i know its going to be tough but i cant wait to watch them grow together and see her teaching him things and him learning from her. They will end up having a great bond x

Hi, my little girl is 4 months old and I’ve just found out I’m pregnant. Potentially 2 under 1 here!

Hey hey girl yesssss! My daughter boutta be 1 and I’m 21 weeks pregnant

I have an 18 month old and almost 4 month old. It is very hard honestly and takes a lot of patience but just keep things consistent and keep them on a routine

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