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Those of you with babies that aren’t taking to solids very well, through whatever method of weaning you are trying, how many meals are you offering please? I’ve been offering three, in the hope that it will click but it’s getting to the point now where it’s so much waste and so much frustration and upset on my part that I think shall I scale it back to 2 again? My HV didn’t really give me a clear answer and just curious as to what others are doing that are struggling.
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@Vicky for us dinner always seems to be the meal where she eats the most. Variable but more often that not breakfast is actually where she eats the least

Following as we're on the same (what feels like a sinking) boat x

I find my son eats better earlier in the day, breakfast and lunch he normally does well but tea is often just played with as he is tired by then. Some days at nursery he eats really well and other days they say he is just to busy playing to care no matter how much they offer him food. If I was in your situation I'd probably keep doing breakfast and lunch and drop tea x

I literally only just started doing three meals as of today because I am trying to see if that helps with the broken nights (I’ll try anything at this point). But my son has very little interest in food to be honest, most of what we give goes in, gets chewed and spat back out. We definitely aren’t all these extravagant meals/foods that some people are giving as I can’t even get him to eat the most basic things. I know it’s sooo frustrating and annoying but I’m doing my best just to act like it’s ok if he’s done. I have found some of the 12+ meals that you can buy from the supermarkets are going down slightly better than anything else. I hope for us that it does get better xxx

@Vicky thank you. I’m going to perhaps cut out lunch for now and see how we go with just breakfast and dinner. Do you find your baby eats one particular meal of the day better than others? X

I think if I were in your situation I would definitely scale it back as well! 3 meals isn't recommended until one anyway and just a guideline. All babies are different! My instincts would also say to scale back and wait until the 2 meals begins to show more success!

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