Pregnant? Or false and having a period??

Hi, so yesterday I was 3 days late for my period and took a test which is the photo below. Then this morning I came on my period but did another test which is the photo in the comments? I’m really confused… Am I pregnant? Has anyone else had this?
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Thank you for all the advice ladies! I ended up cramping and bleeding heavy in the night so did a first response test this morning and it’s negative. Better luck next time ♥️

Sending you all the baby dust 🤗 ♥️

@Lea not yet! I couldn’t get a first response one anywhere yesterday so had to order. I’m going to test again tomorrow or Friday I think! 🤞🏼x

Have you tested again this morn? X Hope you’re ok xx

@Laura it’s in-between 🙈 it’s not heavy or coming out like a normal period, but when I wipe it’s more than spotting. So confusing and I don’t want to get my hopes up

Was your period a lot of bleeding or just spotting? If it’s like a normal period you have it could be a chemical pregnancy. But spotting could be implantation bleeding. Sending you baby dust ♥️

I can see faint lines! Early positive for sure xx test again in a couple days

I see a faint line in both pictures, so would say positive! Maybe get a digital one! Xxx

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