Cleaning toys?

How often and what are people using to clean there toys, hard plastic ones and soft? 🥰
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We use the milton wipes on all the hard toys

Hard plastic ones probably once a week or twice a week as she's had a few colds recently. Soft toys that she plays with regular I chuck in the wash every couple of weeks, or when she inevitably spits up on them x

Probably nowhere enough as I should!! He literally chews anything at this point (walked in the other day to him trying to eat my dog's ears 🤦🏼‍♀️😂)

Plastic toys I’ve been cleaning with any soap I see then boiled water. I would say twice a week maybe. I use milton as well. Soft I spray milton or chuck in the washing machine. But tbf it’s starting to be harder to control this cleaning process. He loves chewing blankets, duvet covers, my clothes etc 😅😅😅 oh dear!!

Milton spray is really good

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