Food weaning and Milk drinking

Hello, I’m in some serious need of advice pls. Okay so my daughter has recently turned 1 year old and we’ve been slowly trying her with food since about 6-8 months old, obviously started with purée then worked way up. For the most part my daughter has very little interest in solids, at all. We’ve tried many different flavours, textures and most of it is fun and messy play which is fine but she’s not eating a whole lot. So now she’s a year old and there’s a pressure to kick formula out the window, but the bottle seems to be the main thing she wants. Before anyone says yes we have been giving her less bottles so it’s not a case or she’s full up on milk before her meals she just isn’t that keen on eating solids it seems like. She only has milk at night times but she’s waking up multiple times because she is still hungry. Does anyone have any advice for this? Is there any major harm in having formula for a bit longer and solids as snacks? I’ve heard some babies self wean, but idk what’s best. I know some kids take longer than a year to go fully on to solids. I’m at the end of my wits with it, so any advice or experience similar would be helpful thanks 😭😭
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@Lydia thank you, there’s been a lot of pressure from some family members that their kids were on solids by one. I know all kids are different I just want what’s best for mine. Thank you for your advice this has helped ♥️

Sounds like she's making up for being hungry in the day at night. My son is breastfed but he still feeds multiple times in the day and has also just turned one. He doesn't eat much solid food yet and when he's teething or under the weather he's only interested in boob. I would still offer milk in the day after offering solids and gradually reduce. They can pick up on our stress so I wouldn't worry too much for now and take the pressure out of meal times, it is a gradual process moving to solids and while some babies are eating loads now, every baby is different. Good luck!

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