Late Preeclampsia

Hi Ladies! Hope you’re all ok, not long now mummas! Just wondering if anyone had the blood test for late preeclampsia at their growth scan appointment and what your experience has been? I was tested at 12 weeks and flagged as high risk and have been taking aspirin daily ever since and luckily nothing has come of it so far, I was tested at my appointment yesterday and they’ve said it would mean if I came back high risk it would mean being induced early, feeling rather anxious about it all whilst I’m waiting for the results especially since the first test came back high risk but wanted to see if anyone else had any experience to put my mind at ease! Think it’s more the idea of if it’s high risk I could be having a baby in a weeks time! Don’t get me wrong I know she’s coming either way and my entire body hurts now so excited to have her here but now I’m just a bit anxious about it all! Thank you 😊
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@Georgina they just said they were offering extra tests when I was there, my midwife does my routine urine checks to test for protein etc x

Hey, just curious why you got this done at your growth scan and not your midwife appointment? Xx

@Becca not too fussed about induction. Trying to focus on the positives for now. I can always change my mind and go for a cesarean if things are not progressing :) The only thing is I'll be exactly 38 weeks on my birthday so the odds of having a baby on my bday are high 🥲 I'm home now on Nifedipine and have to go in for monitoring a couple more times for them to see how it's working :)

@Fatima I have the same! How are you feeling about induction? I'm currently being kept in hospital to try and bring my blood preaaure down with medication. But so far no luck!

@Gemma this is helpful to know. I'm high risk as the baby's growth has tailed off a lot so am having weekly scans. But I've heard of pre eclasmpsia being linked to small growth and headaches, I've just had my urine checked and blood pressure but that's all clear. Fingers crossed your results come back all clear 😊

@Beth oh that’s good, that it was negative! Ohh that’s exciting only 2 weeks to go!! How are you feeing?

I had a test for it yesterday as my blood pressure was really high and my feet were super swollen! They kept me for 2 hours while results came back and my blood pressure then came down to a normal range and my blood test was negative for pre-eclampsia. I've got to see my midwife for next 3 weeks weekly to double check and my consultant Happy for me to keep my c section appointment at 39 weeks I'm currently 37 weeks x

@Fatima best of luck with everything ☺️ just think tomorrow hopefully you’ll find out when you get to meet your baby!!! 🥰

@Gemma yeah I had my midwife appointment yesterday and that's when they picked it up. Had to stay at the hospital for them to monitor. Luckily my next scan and consultant appointments are tomorrow so I think they'll let me know what's going to happen!

@Sara thank you for your reassuring message! ☺️Great yours came back negative! Hopefully they call today!! Either way she’s coming but it’s the knowing when that’s stressful!

Hi, I've been prescribed aspirin this whole pregnancy due to family history of pre eclampsia and HELLP syndrome. I had a blood test on Friday for it and it was negative (I'm now 37+6). I was also like you and told I would be induced if it comes back positive. All I can say is, it's safer for baby to maybe be out than in, for both you and baby. If it does turn out positive, try not to panic and get as much advice / ask as many questions to the midwives/ doctors so you feel empowered and well informed on the whole process. You've got this! Ps they rung me Saturday with the results, so you may get the phone call today. Good luck!

So far I’ve not had protein or high blood pressure, I’ve suffered with lots of headaches but I’ve been on and off poorly since 30 weeks so it’s difficult to say if they are stand along headaches or because I was under the weather, I recently had a blood test that showed elevated enzymes in my liver which I googled (I know I shouldn’t) but some people said that could be linked to preeclampsia. We’re you told if you were night risk at all? @Naomi

Hey I was just wondering if you've had high blood pressure and protien in your urine aswell ? I've been having horrendous headaches over this last week!

@Fatima wow they came back to you quick then, hoping they do the same for me, it’s the waiting that builds the nerves! Have they said when they’ll get back to you with a date? I suppose once the date is set and you know how the induction process works at least you know how to prepare. You’ve got this!!!

I had my test done yesterday and it came back negative for preeclampsia but I have pregnancy hypertension. I was going to be induced at 39 weeks due to GD but now they're saying it could be between 37 and 38. It'll be over soon 😭

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