PP hair loss

What was the duration of your PP hair loss? I feel like I am going bald!
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I should probably start taking vitamins but what helped me was cutting like 4 inches off and getting a deep condition treatment at the salon. I was shedding like crazy 😭 but now it’s definitely not much at all and I have thick hair

I swear ive lost like 2/3s of my original volume. I hope it stops falling out soon or imma be bald 🧑‍🦲

Mine started around 3.5 months. I’m at 5 months now and still going.

They taste really good too max strength biotin/collagen etc and ok if breastfeeding - https://babyblues.care/products/postpartum-hair-loss-vitamins

Baby blues postpartum hair vitamins are really helping mine. A few moms on here recommended.

I sometimes feel like being bald would be so much easier! 🥴

Hang In there mama 🙏🏼🧡 we’re here with you on this one 🥲💗

Same here the whole part or my hard in the front is almost fine , you can see so much skin … idk how I’m going to do it for thanksgiving … just wear a cute head band or beanie 🫠. But I take fish oils , post partum pills from Walmart . I also try to just do lots of hair oils . My hair tends to be VERY DRY now … and greasy on the top . So dry shampoo has been a hero on last min shopping …. I braid my hair in two sections wen I sleep … to cause less friction . If you can buy a silk pillow case at Marshall’s for 6.99 . And hair bonnet just to make it less frizzy and less breakage during your sleep .. I’m 4m pp and a lot has been falling but I’ve try this less then a month ago and I see less falling out . I just wish I didn’t wait this long lol 🫠 . I also breastfeed . So I gotta take lots of vitamins but Walmart has good vitamins and wholes foods :)

I shed more than my cat now honestly, the hair loss has been insane BUT I have been seeing quick improvement with Hairtamin Mom!

I've been in it for almost a month I think. My pony tail and bun are so tiny and thin. But honestly, there's nothing that will stop it. It's just a natural process with your hormones changing. Just figure out what hairstyles and accessories work best for you in the meantime.

The hair loss has been my #1 most shocking thing about post partum I’ve experienced so far! What the heck! I feel like I’m loosing gallons of hair!

🙁 are you taking post partum vitamins? I do because I breastfeed but I heard that also helps with the hair loss. My hair loss has also picked up so I’m wondering what the duration is as well.

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